Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Dine and Dance

Last Night was one of the best night of my life
For many of reason one of them being
that we got to show off our funky dance moves.
my favorite part from last night will have to be
dancing with the girls to slow jams and also
getting to see the boys build there confidence
by asking the girls to dance.
I also like how some of the teachers got
to dance with some of the boys.
I also like the food that was made and given to us.


Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Camp Ragland

Today we wrote a reflect on camp
and how we felt when we were there.
we also wrote about what actives
we have done.

Friday, 16 September 2016

English greeting translated in chinese

WALT translate english greetings in chinese

Today in the first block Siale and I
recorded our self saying
how are you
im very good
thank you
how about you
good bye

this is a Voice recording of me and siale trying
to say the greeting in chinese.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Swimming refection

Today we went swimming

I Think I did really well
we did freestyle backstroke and swum
full length of the pool
i had great fun something I should work
on is not stopping when I hear the instructor
say something,something else I should work on is
swimming faster so me or my team mates don't
get hurt.

The reason why I love swimming is because
one day you can save a life and also swimming
helps work out not just one part of your body
but every part of your body    

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Authors Purpose

Household Chores

In this text/story household chores,
it talks about a boy who loves to
help out around the house, such as
cooking,dusting,cleaning rooms,gardening etc.
He talks about how his friends depend on their
parents to do all the work at home and how they
think its just a waste of time having to clean
when you have your parents to do so, he thinks it's a great way to learn to communicate with
his family.

Character Opinion
The character in this story is trying to persuade
his friends to help there family/parent clean
and experience how cleaning helps build a stronger
relationship/bond between him and his family/parents

Character friends Opinion
In the story the friends don't really say anything but laugh
but i think that his friends think its stupid and cleaning is not
a priority right now.

My Opinion on this text/story
My opinion on this text is cleaning is apart of keeping healthy
and should be an everyday thing and if you were raised in
a dirty/unhygienic place your moods will change.

What this text is stating
This text is stating that you should help out in cleaning at home
because you might learn something new such as
building a hut/tree house ect and build a great relationship/bond between
you and your family.